How I'm Handling Covid Weddings as a Bride & Bridal Hair Stylist

Well, I can tell you that I never thought I would have a blog post about how to handle your wedding during a pandemic, but here we are.
I’m feeling the blows of this Coronavirus as it relates to wedding planning in two ways - of course, as a bridal hair specialist - and also, because my wedding is on May 30, 2020. So I’m coming to you with this blog post as a wedding vendor, as well as a bride. Hopefully, I can shed some light in one way or another as we all stand together while we try to navigate wedding planning during this time.
I want to start this by giving some answers to the questions I’ve gotten asked the most by my brides. So lets jump in.
1. How far into the wedding season are brides changing plans?
So far, I’ve had brides change plans as late as mid June. But there are some May brides who are waiting it out a few more weeks to make a final call.
2. What are the options for a wedding during the pandemic given the group size restrictions?
Thankfully, we have lots of options! And all of them lead us to marry our love - which is what it’s all about❤️
I have a handful of brides doing a super intimate in home wedding or at a small venue (if they’re still open) and just respecting the group limit at that time. And, of course, being mindful of keeping a 6 foot distance.
A few brides are live streaming their ceremonies or taking a full video to share with those who cannot attend.
And then, once things have returned to normal, they will have a reception to celebrate with their loved ones.
The other option is to postpone your wedding, I know that a lot of vendors are waiving rescheduling fees due to this pandemic.
3. How do I go about rescheduling?
Unfortunately, with rescheduling, there is a chance that some people/vendors wont be available on your new date - because of that, I would suggest picking your top priorities and try to keep as many of those people/vendors a part of your day as possible. All the while, preparing yourself for the possibility that it may not work for everyone.
One of my tips for rescheduling in 2020 is to choose a non Saturday. As a vendor, every Saturday is spoken for for the rest of 2020. But chances of getting your vendors on a fri/sun is much more likely.
If you’re willing to wait another year, chances of your vendors and guests being available another year out are much greater than a few months from now.
4. How do I handle showers and pre wedding celebrations being cancelled?
This one hits home for me, as my shower and both of our bachelorette and bachelor parties were cancelled. But we’re still going to reschedule these events even if it’s after our wedding day.
You can also host a virtual shower and have guests ship shower gifts to your home.
5. Are hairstylists and makeup artists still doing weddings during the pandemic?
All non essential service workers ( including hair and makeup artists) have been ordered to close until April 13 with the possibility to extend. Hopefully, things will improve if we continue being responsible in flattening the curve.
All in all, this whole thing puts a huge wrench in wedding planning (which is already stressful enough) - and my heart goes out to all of my fellow brides and grooms having these tough conversations.
Something that has helped me during this time is trying to maintain perspective. I know this sucks, and re writing our wedding stories is not a cake walk - but there are so many families and individuals dealing with loneliness, financial strain, fear for the medically vulnerable, new moms giving birth, healthcare workers coming home to their families, etc.. Someday soon, we will get our day - we will marry our person and celebrate. But until then, I’m trying to focus on those going through some REALLY scary times. The perspective change has really helped me to put my ’thankful’ pants on instead of my ‘bitter’ ones.
So lets all admit that this stinks. Let’s grieve for our original wedding plans. But let’s not let this pandemic steal our joy or our perspective.