Why You Shouldn't Box Color Your Own Hair

Alright y’all, I know we’ve all seen hairstylists sharing memes about not cutting your own bangs and not box coloring at home during this pandemic - and I’m here to tell you why.
When you go to a licensed professional and show them an inspo photo, soo many factors go into the process of coloring your hair. Things like the porosity of your hair and past color affect what products we use and how long your color should process. That’s why you see us with color wheels while mixing up personally formulated color to safely take you closer to that photo. We use different developers based on your hair type, we use bond rebuilders in our lightener to encourage a healthier lift, we may add cool or warm tones to a toner or color to combat unwanted results. I wish you all could see our inner wheels turning while we come up with the perfect formula designed just for you.
So now that you see how many factors play into achieving certain hair colors, let me tell you what box color is. It is supposedly ONE formula for ANY human with ANY level of porosity to achieve ONE color. If this was possible, y’all - cosmetology school wouldn’t exist. Box color is super concentrated pigments and ammonia with the highest level of developer to ensure that the harshest hair type will take to it. This is extremely damaging and can take such a toll on your hair.
Another huge thing is the lack of dimension. Box color is one flat color all over your head. Stylists will use multiple formulas and application processes to achieve dimension even on a brunette.
Box color is a beast, especially when you bring a head full of it to a salon to fix. Box dye is SO hard to correct because of its intense levels of pigment so the process to lift it back out is equally as harsh and your hair will pay the price (and so will you $$$$).
That leads us into our final point. A ten dollar box of color will not give you Eva Longorias hair color that is pictured on the front of the box. Do you truly think she slapped her own box dye on her hair before doing that photo shoot?? Professionals were behind the scenes of that color, I promise.
I know this is a tough time in general, and maybe you feel like not getting your hair done is an added negative and you may just want to do it— but giving your hair an added rest time from processing is actually super healthy for your hair. So let’s take this time to self care for our hair. Do some hair masks, try not to use heat on it - take care of your hair so that when you get to go back to the salon your stylist will be impressed. We’re all in this “root” situation together y’all❤️