5 Wedding Hair Trends (Updated for 2022)

5 Wedding Hair Trends (Updated for 2022)

Ooo y'all - I can't believe we're in our last month of 2021. As a Bridal Hair Specialist, I only have six weddings left this year, and I cannot believe it! Many of my 2021 brides were actually reschedules from 2020, so having this year coming to a close and having a fresh set of brides for next year is super exciting! After doing hair for 86 brides and bridal parties this year, I've seen a pretty major shift in style trends so I'm projecting what next years trendiest wedding updos and styles will be!

Bridal Hairstylist

I keep up on SO many wedding blogs and bridal resources so I can stay up to date on what the wedding industry is doing - this way, I can better serve my brides with their hairstyle choices and be sure to keep them on trend. Weddings as a whole have been very 'Boho' for the last few years, and because I'm a braiding specialist - I LOVED that trend. I had sooo many brides asking for loose and whimsical braids adorned with florals - it was right up my alley.

Bridal Hair Ideas Loose Bun

In the last few months (July-November of 2021) I've seen a huge shift in the majority of wedding vibes. We moved from 'Boho' to 'Boho Chic' (a dressier type version of the boho bride) - and now it seems things are returnig to what I call 'classic' or 'timeless'. As with most things in the world, older trends are coming. back around - it's definitely been an adjustment, but I'm so excited for what's to come!

Wedding Hair Stylist

Now, onto the big question, what will be the trendy wedding hairstyles for next year?!

It's been super fun watching trends shift as we approach 2022, so I have a solid understanding of where we're heading! With so many different types of weddings happening every day, there's always new styles to watch that keeps me on my toes! This blog post is all about what you should expect from popular wedding hairstyles heading into the year 2022! So let's dive in!

Bridal Hair Stylist

Glam Waves

The absolute most requested style of the last half of 2021 was Glam Waves (or Hollywood Waves as some call it). It seems that Glam Waves will continue to be on trend for at least the first part of 2022! I'm so excited because this is one of my favorite styles, and I know you'll love them too.Old Hollywood Glam Waves


There are definitely some things to consider if you're leaning toward glam waves. From my experience, these truly are best with a more elegent or simple dress. I often feel like when your hair is down, it's more of a statement so having it down can overwhelm an already detailed dress or take away from the neckline depending on what the top of your dress is like.

The other thing to consider is if you're planning to wear a veil, having your hair all down does present the issue of needing a place to put the veil in, so you'll likely have to have it pinned in (which is totally fine as long as you have someone in the bridal party who can help you take it in and out throughout the day as you need) or there are other ways we can make a 'base' for the veil under the top layer of your hair to make the veil more secure - but all in all it does make having a veil less convenient.

All that to be said, glam waves are STUNNING and absolutely timeless - so if you have a classic dress and are looking to create a very elegant look, Glam Waves is going to be your go-to!

Simple Bun

So many brides are moving away from 'Boho' trends in favor of more formal wedding vibes - so naturally, the more sleek upstyles are in. This year, I'm seeing quite a few more brides moving towards the 'Classic Bun' - a very smooth updo with just a simple bun in back. I think Hailey Bieber (the queen) started this trend with her gorgeous, yet simple updo for her wedding.

Smooth Classic Bridal Hair Low Bun

This style is simple, yet elegant and is a perfect way to compliment any dress. The great thing about this updo is that it's not only chic but also comfortable and literally one of the most logical as far as no hassle all day (and not having to worry about how the weather will affect your hair). As with all wedding styles though, you do need to find the right balance between what looks good for your dress and how well it will fit into your day!

Simple Half Up

We are absolutely moving into the season of less is more. Half Up hairstyles have always been popular, but they're changing in that the waves are softer (less curly) and the structure is more simple (less braids and twists, more softly pulled back). I would say this is a very safe style for almost any dress because it can take on diferent styles and be quite versatile.

Simple Half Up Half Down Hairstyle

I also love this because you can dress it up with a glitzy hair accessory or put some flowers in it to keep it romantic and soft. The other awesome thing about this style is that there is a really easy and convenient place to put the veil where it will be secure and straight forward for taking in and out.

One thing to consider with this look is how you want the front. It can be super soft and beautiful to leave hair out in the front to frame your face but I've also had lots of brides choose to pull it all softly back. Again, this helps with the versatility of this style because you can soften it up or structure it and make it your own.

All in all, this style is such a safe bet as you still get the security of having some hair down, but with some good structure to keep it lasting all day long!


Loose Low Bun

This style is great if you want to keep an updo but don't like having something super tight or overly structured all day because it's typically very soft and almost undone (not in a bad way though!). The best part about this look is that depending on your dress, there are so many options! If you're wearing a strapless dress with no detail around the neckline then keeping things loose can be perfect - but even for wedding dresses where details might already stand out at the top, simply pulling back some hair will give an extra detail without being overbearing.

Loose Low Bun Updo

I'm definitely seeing the trend with this one to be a chunky front piece with more of a bend than a curl. It's overall a very soft look and I think it's so romantic for a wedding day. This one also is great for a veil with the bun being the perfect place to secure the veil and have it stay in place perfectly. I love this look with a longer earring peaking out, such a gorgeous and timeless look for the big day!


Slicked Front Styles

This look only makes up about 20% of the brides I'm seeing but my prediction is that it will increase with next year as I feel like it's really just started catching steam. It's mostly just referring to the very sleek front plait that has less volume around the face and is super smooth and slicked behind the ears. As for the back, it can be straight, curled, waves, or even just a 'blowout look' with bend on the ends - which means it's great for any kind of formal dress or even dresses without too much design at the top because your hair can give you the pop you need!

Sleek Hairstyle Glam Waves

I love this style because it keeps hair out of your face, and allows you to have your hair down without the concern of your hair blowing in your face. I'm a fan of having something structured for the sake of the maintenance throughout the day - so this style allows you to have your hair down but because it's secured in the front it's a perfect style for longevity of the day.

Although, back to the veil (because it's definitely something to consider when choosing your hairstyle) it can be more difficult to secure the veil - definitely still doable, but will be an added hassle.

This is truly one of the most timeless styles, super elegant and classy!

Wrapping Up

We are absolutely trending toward less is more when it comes to hairstyling for weddings. Not just for the brides, but bridesmaids seem to be trending this way as well. I've seen the trend straying further from Boho and more toward formal and timeless. This is part of the reason I love the wedding industry, it's always changing and evolving which keeps things fresh and fun year after year!

For bridal hair inspiration check out my instagram @kjandhairspray and let me know which ones are you favorites <3



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