7 Must-Have Hair Products (updated for 2022)

7 Must Have Hair Products

Do you feel like there are a million products on the market that all claim to do the same thing? You're not alone. I hear all the time from my clients that they go into big beauty stores and feel overwhelmed by all of the brands and products. I have been doing hair for ten years now, and I still feel like that sometimes! However, I've been in the game long enough to know what products actually work and which ones to leave on the shelf.

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For some background as to why I'm so passionate about hair products and their efficacy - I am a bridal hair specialist, meaning I only style hair for a living. As you can imagine, a HUGE part of my job is making sure my styles last, have volume, is frizz-free, etc. You know what I rely on for those things - products ;)

That being said, I want to share my seven favorite hair products with you. These are the ones that actually work for me AND that I use on around 600 styling clients per year - so you could say I have a bit of experience in this department ;)

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We are going to start with the ONLY dry shampoo I use on myself and my clients, Amika Perk Up Dry Shampoo. Holy bananas, this product is life-changing. I'm not kidding when I say that it is the ONLY dry shampoo that doesn't leave my hair feeling like straw or irritating my scalp. It is truly made for any hair color because it doesn't leave a strong white band as many others do, so whether you're blonde, brunette or anything in between, this dry shampoo is for you!

I have found that many dry shampoos weigh my hair down which is a huge no thanks for me, but the Amika Dry Shampoo is so lightweight that it actually adds volume and lift at your roots - which I need all the help with ;) Check out how cute their packaging is here, too! I love seeing this gorgeous packaging on my shelf!

My next must-have product is the Sexy Hair Heat Protectant I always tell my clients to invest in a good heat protectant, as it's crucial to the health of your hair over time - which in return, also means your hair will style better and be full of life instead of becoming dry and brittle. The Sexy Hair Heat Protectant is one of my favorites because not only does it work well in protecting hair strands, but it also helps with frizz control as it coats the cuticle. It is generally just good practice to keep your heat protectant close by and help maintain the integrity of your hair and in return, your hairstyles!

I truly don't think I could survive without the Amika Texture Spray. It's one of my most versatile products in that I use it throughout the styling process for different reasons. It can be used at the root for volume and lift, on dry hair to add texture and hold, or even just as a finishing spray. I love that it's not sticky in any way so it builds on itself really well without getting heavy - which is also another reason why I use this product so much. I have found that curls hold SO much better when I use the texture spray before I go in with my curling iron. It gives the perfect amount of 'grit' for all-day hold!

It would feel wrong not to mention the smell of this spray, because it is SO dang good. Every time I spray this in my client's hair I get a comment about how good it smells, and they are not wrong. I love how throughout the day when I move my hair I get another whiff of this amazing product, it basically replaces the need for perfume ;)

Let's move on to my favorite products for hold. I always keep a 'working spray' nearby, and you can bet that it's always the Amika Touchable Hairspray. I love this product because it has the perfect amount of hold for my clients as I'm working on their updos, and on myself when I'm midway through a style and need to add some hold without cementing it in place. It's not so strong that their hair feels crunchy, but is definitely enough to keep your style where you want it!

This hairspray keeps volume without weighing down my hair or making it feel gross. The best part about this spray is how soft and touchable it leaves your hair feeling even after hours later with no need to reapply! If you are looking for a hairspray that will keep your style and leave it feeling like you just left the salon, this is what you need.

I use a working spray while I'm still adjusting the style, but once everything is in its place and I want it to stay that way I use Sexy Hair Spray and Play. It's actually not the strongest hold the line carries, but I don't like the full cemented vibe for most hairstyles I do, so I use the Spray and Play which is the perfect hold for the day without getting too crunchy or sticky.

Now we're onto my favorite finishing products for shine! I have two go-to products for gloss - I love a good shine spray or lightweight oil to give some extra glisten and to keep hair hydrated. I have found both of these to be light enough that I can use throughout my clients' styles without weighing down their strands but still leave them a beautiful finishing product before they leave my chair. And let's be real, shiny locks are just so gorgeous!

The Paul Mitchell Awapuhi Shine Spray is one of those products for me where it doesn't feel like anything at all but leaves such a beautiful finish! It's amazing how much a shine spray can finish a look, whether it's down and flat ironed, or braided into a bun - a little shine is always a good idea!

My other go-to finishing product is a lightweight oil. I always like to use oil on the mids to ends when they feel a little bit dry or damaged and to revive the hair after using heat. The Olaplex Bonding Oil is perfect for that! It doesn't make your hair greasy at all (and you also should avoid putting it near your roots for this reason), but just gives it a healthy dose of hydration and shine. Plus, it smells incredible so you get that extra boost of happiness every time you rub it in ;)

I absolutely love these products - they are my daily use products in my own bathroom, but you bet you can also find them in my bridal hairstyling kit! I love that I can style the hair of my brides and myself with complete faith that these will make my styles last all day long!

Bridal Hairstyling

With so many options available it is easy to see why having a variety of high-quality products in your bathroom is essential - there are some days when you need less hold or more shine, etc. These seven products cover most everything you'll ever want out of hairstyling!

I hope you loved this list of my current must-haves for beautiful hair! If you are looking to add any of these products to your own bathroom shelf, be sure to check them out here ;)

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