Dry Shampoo vs. Dry Conditioner (How and When to Use Them)

Dry Shampoo vs.  Dry Conditioner 

(How and When to Use Them)

If you've been around here for any amount of time then you know my love for Amika products runs deep. As a licensed cosmetologist with 10 years of experience, I've tried so many different brands and products - and Amika has been one of the few that stuck. More specifically, the Amika Perk Up Dry Shampoo and Silken Up Dry Conditioner. These two products have been a staple in my personal hair routines - keep reading to see why!

Amika Dry Shampoo

I find that lots of people know all about dry shampoo, but are confused about how or why to use dry conditioner. The fact is, they both serve a totally different purpose but both get you to the same goal - washing your hair as little as possible for the health of your hair and for the ease of your beauty routines. I started being WAY more diligent about not washing my hair as frequently about a year ago and I have seen a HUGE improvement in my hair's overall health. I started using Olaplex during that time as well and combined that with only once-a-week washes and frequent trims and my hair is SO happy these days. But that's for another day ;).

One thing I love about both of these products is that they last forever! A little goes a long way so they're worth every penny. When you use such high-quality products like Amika, each bottle is full of concentrated ingredients which means you can use less of it and get more out of each can! People often think that buying the cheaper stuff saves you money - but the amount of fillers they use in the cheap stuff (which is why they can afford to be cheaper) means you use it up quickly and need to replace it sooner. So these truly will get you the bang for your buck!

Last thing before I jump into the How/Why - I wanted to touch on another reason I love Amika products. All of their products are safe for colored hair, which I love! I have been using their products for years and have never had a problem with my color fading or being too harsh on my colored hair. They are also keratin safe AND sulfate/paraben-free. Talk about some quality products that are full of only the good stuff AND are cruelty-free and certified vegan - sign me up!

Now that I've gotten all of that out of my system, let's get into what these products are and how/when to use them!

Dry shampoo is a powder (in aerosol form) that is applied to the hair to absorb oils and sweat. Amika's Dry Shampoo uses Rice Starch as the main absorbing ingredient. I love the ability to layer this product because I often stretch the time between washes (maybe a bit too much sometimes ;)). It also has a really great scent which is crucial for people like me who go at least a week between washes ;)

The best time to use dry shampoo is when your hair feels oily or sweaty and you don't have time for a full wash-and-style routine. The best way to apply dry shampoo is by spraying it into your roots and massaging it in with your fingers. Let it sit for a minute or two and then massage your scalp to remove the dry shampoo residue. I often use a blow dryer at my roots as well to activate the product and remove any leftover residue from the dry shampoo - this also gives really nice volume and lift at my roots, which I'm always game for ;)

I also use dry shampoo before bed even on days when I don't feel like I need a 'wash' - this helps to prevent my hair from getting oily overnight and gives me some extra time before my next wash day. I also love the volume I get when I sleep with it in, it gives me the boost I need when I wake up the next day for some bouncy, voluminous hair! That's all there is to it :) It adds volume and makes your hair smell amazing without washing day-old oil out of your hair every morning (major time saver).

Dry conditioner is the same idea, but with conditioning ingredients instead of absorbing ones. Amika's Silken Up Dry Conditioner uses Provitamin b5 to nourish hair and smooth the cuticle (the exterior layer of your hair strands) to leave your hair feeling soft and luscious!

Amika Dry Conditioner

I typically don't need dry conditioner as often as my dry shampoo, I only use this as needed when the ends of my hair start to feel dry after a few days without washing. Thankfully, unlike many other dry conditioners I've used, this one doesn't leave your hair feeling like it needs to be shampooed again which is amazing.

The Amika Dry Conditioner smells amazing, too - which helps with the overall goal of not washing your hair as frequently - one spritz of the dry conditioner and your hair smells fresh and clean!

These both serve a totally different purpose, one to absorb the oil at your roots, and one to add moisture to the ends of your hair. I would suggest using both products together for the best results!

Apply dry shampoo at the roots and let it sit for a minute before shaking out the excess powder with your fingers, you can also hit your roots with a cold blow dryer to blend the dry shampoo in. Then, once completely dry, lightly mist on some dry conditioner at the midshaft down towards your ends so they feel silky smooth without making them feel greasy. It will literally feel like you just got your hair washed!

So there you have it! The main differences between dry shampoo and dry conditioner, how to use them, and when they are best for. I hope this helped clear up any questions you had about how and when to use these amazing products. Check out their super cute packaging here for the cherry on top!

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