Hair Accessory Trends of 2021

Hair Accessory Trends of 2021

Y'all know hair accessories are my love language. So I thought I would go through what this year's trendiest hair accessories were and how to rock them! I can't even tell you how happy I was when the scrunchies made a return - and now we've got clips, barrettes, and headbands to add to our daily hair inspirations. I love to express myself through my hairstyles, and hair accessories only make that easier. I often choose my hair accessory before my outfit and build around that, I guess I wouldn't be a hairstylist if it didn't go in that order, right? ;)

The ability to dress up a look with a simple hair accessory is my favorite thing. I always feel more pulled together when I finish my look with a fashionable headband or some cute clips. I'm definitely a casual person, meaning I love rocking joggers and crewnecks, but when I throw in a cute hair accessory I look put together - rather than looking like I just left in my jammies ;)

I'm also known for my habit of wearing a big and messy top knot - which on its own can sometimes look undone, but if I throw in an accessory it looks super cute and purposeful! Another top knot hack I love is how a scrunchie gives my bun more structure so it sits up high and gives me some much-needed volume. Clearly I can sing the praises of hair accessories for days ;)

One of the other perks of the rise in popularity of trendy hair accessories is that they are affordable. You don't have to break the bank on a new trendy piece - you just need to know where to look and you're in the game! And let me tell ya - it feels good knowing your money isn't going towards something you only wear once since hair accessories are so widely useful and don't just go with one thing!

So let's get into this year's accessory trends and how to wear them.

Let's first talk scrunchies. Scrunchies used to be a super casual look but now they're so versatile. With the nicer fabrics and cute new patterns, they can truly be worn for any occasion. They don't take much work to put your hair up, but it dresses up a pony or a bun and makes it look like you put in the work ;) scrunchies are quick and easy for busy mornings when we want our hair out of the way but still look good enough for school or work. If you want to be trendy in 2021, try wearing a scrunchie!

This year we really saw the claw clips hit the top of the hair accessory game thanks to the Gen Z crew, and I jumped right on that bandwagon. They're perfect for the effortless but super cute look I'm currently obsessed with. The claw clips are also super easy to use, which is an added bonus! I switch between pastel-colored clips and a basic, but oh so chic, black clip. Again, the versatility is my favorite!

Knots were another trend that really took off this year and I'm hoping it stays that way. If you've followed me for any amount of time then you know that knot headbands are my jam. My obsession started with basic colors and now it's evolved to pearl and gold star-studded knotted headbands. Whether I have my hair down or in a top knot, I throw in a headband and it instantly takes my outfit up a notch.

Next up are hair clips and barrettes - my personal favorite hair accessory for this year and many years to come (I hope!). They're pretty much the perfect way to add some flair to your daily look in under two minutes! The best part about them is that they can be trendy or classic - depending on the occasion. If you're dressing up for a formal event, I would suggest wearing some beautiful pearl clips to go with your classy dress and updo. If you're dressing down for a casual day at school, trendy hair clips in bright colors and fun prints are perfect.

Pearls continue to trend, and hair accessories were no exception. I'm not sure what it is about pearls, but I love them! They look so chic and trendy without trying too hard. That's why all of my favorite hair accessories are full of pearl accents- they're the perfect mix between trendy and classic. Whether it was pearl clips or barrettes, or pearl accented headbands - count me in!

The tortoise clips made for a super fun patterned vibe that compliments any look. I started with the all one color tortoise look, and have now evolved into the two-tone tortoise clips and I am loving it! The two-tone tortoise hair clips can be worn with any color combination. They are trendy, but it doesn't scream trendy- if that makes sense? You should definitely try out the tortoise hair accessories in your next outfit! This year was undoubtedly a good one for fashion-forward clips!

I'm so happy that hair accessories are trending and I hope it stays this way! Owning a hair accessory line keeps me looking out for the cutest and newest trends to dress up your look - so you can bet that I'm always updating and upgrading the accessories in my sweet little store.


I love coming up with new ways to style accessories and always post fun new content (including tutorials) on my instagram @kjandhairspray_everyday - I'm always checking around for inspiration for new looks and styling ideas to be sure I'm staying on top of new trends and able to share them with all of you! Whether it's a formal look or a sweatsuit, I've got you covered with the cutest ways to fit a hair accessory into your look!

Check out the current hair accessories here and be sure to give my instagram a follow for new ideas on how to style them! I can't wait to see you rock them! 

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