Hottest Hair Trends of 2021

Hottest Hair Trends of 2021

Do you want to know what the latest hair trends are? You don't have to go far for that information, because we've got all the info right here! We've scoured social media and magazines for some of the hottest hairstyles. If you're looking for a change-up then look no further than this article! A true melting pot of styling and color trends that we are so here for.

The beauty industry is always evolving and growing, which is why we like to keep our readers on top of their game. Whether you're looking for a style to try or trendy hair color and cut, this article has it all!

There are so many popular hair trends, but these are some of our personal favorites.

-The modern shag: this is a timeless look that's always in fashion. Have fun with your haircut by adding layers and bangs for an edgy, yet sophisticated style. One of the best things about this hairstyle? It doesn't take too long to style yourself at home!

-The money piece: oh, how I love the pop of blonde or color in the front to frame the face. This can be soft and subtle or bold and edgy. Such a perfect way to bring brightness to that gorgeous face!

-The lob: also known as "long bob," this cut was made popular by celebrities like Emma Stone and Taylor Swift. What's best about this haircut is that it looks good on everyone, no matter what you're doing with it!

-The shave: we saw so many different versions of this in 2021 and it doesn't seem like we're stopping anytime soon. No matter how you wear your shaved look, just know that you'll be able to add a bit more edge to any outfit!

-The effortless waves: middle part tousled waves with straighter ends are still here and I am totally okay with that! This Cali girl vibe is one of my favorites and I hope it sticks around a bit longer!

-Lived in color: balayage has evolved in the best way! The lived-in color look not only tends to be a healthier process on your hair, but it also requires less maintenance in the salon. A win/win!

-Bold colors: from reds to blues, you can't go wrong with a bold color that pops against your natural hair tone. My favorite is adding in some purple undertones for contrast!

-Box braids: these gorgeous braids have only gotten sweeter with time and are so versatile to be worn up in a gorgeous bun or down and flowing.

-Hollywood curls: As a bridal hairstylist I can attest to this trend. It has been my most requested this season and I'm not mad about it. Timeless meets modern with the gorgeous deep side part and voluminous S waves.

-Natural Hairstyles: this year we've seen more women embracing their gorgeous natural curls and rockin' the heck out of it. TikTok certainly helped with curly girl trends and we LOVE to see it.

I love this ever-changing industry and following the fun and creative trends that come and go - always keeping us on our feet! One thing I truly appreciate about my job is that I get to see so many different looks and styles come to life - always exciting to see what the next favorites will be.

My favorite part of all, though, is how open-minded and free the beauty industry is - hair and makeup is such a strong form of self-expression. So although there are always things that are trending, everyone is free to be who they are and can genuinely express themselves through their style.

Moral of the story - have fun with trending styles and vibes, but always stay true to you!

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