Are Scrunchies Really Back in?

Scrunchies are Back! 

Scrunchies are a beautiful and practical way to hold back your hair. They come in many different styles, colors, and sizes. If you're looking for some scrunchies that are both stylish and practical, then this blog post will be just what you're looking for!

As a 90's baby, I'm always here for the returning trends from my childhood - I know some people say 'if you did it once, you probably shouldn't do it again', but I disagree! Rock those trends, feel the nostalgia, and own your style, girl. High-waisted jeans, crop tops, overalls, and SCRUNCHIES. I have watched every episode of friends, and the scrunchie game is so strong. Thank goodness it came back around so we can channel our inner Rachel and Pheobe.

One of my favorite things about this simple hair accessory is the versatility they add to your hairstyling. Scrunchies have come so far - you can wear them in so many different ways to amp up your style! For example, if I wanted just an all-around basic ponytail but with some extra style points added on - then throwing in a scrunchie would give me that perfectly effortless look without hardly having to try at all! That's the kind of efficiency I love ;). 

I'm so glad to see that scrunchies made such a strong comeback and gave us the chance to get even more creative with our hairstyles. You can even wear different colors and patterns to match your outfit for that day. Not only do they come in a variety of fun designs but there are also so many choices when it comes to fabrics, materials, and textures! That just puts more options on the table for you - how great is that?!

So go ahead, y'all - sit back and let's take a look at the different types of scrunchies that are trending this year!

First, we have these 'dressy' scrunchies that come in glamorous colors and look great when you want to dress things up. I love the 'shiny' fabric because it can totally be worn with nicer blouses and dresses - but they can also totally be paired with a sweatshirt and add some flair to your cotton vibe - Keep it classy with these gorgeous scrunchies!

The second type of scrunchies are these oversized satin ones - they come in three gorgeous colors so we can be sure you can match almost any outfit you come up with! It's also very easy for your hair to glide through the fabric which is partly why these are so nice to sleep in ;). Another plus to the oversized style is that the amount of fabric on these will hold your top knot nice and high to give added volume to your quick messy bun! The same thing for a ponytail, your hair will sit up on the fabric giving you the perfect party pony!

Let's move on to a fun patterned look - I'm obsessed with these cheetah print scrunchies. They're still neutral colors, so although they are patterned they still have versatility! But they add such a fun touch to any outfit. I love the way these cheetah print scrunchies look with my hair in a low pony, or even just a super casual half up! I also don't mind rocking these on my wrist for a little pop of pattern to my all-black outfits!

Alright, I'll try not to rave about these too much because I am IN LOVE with the velvet bow scrunchies. Talk about adding a pop of glam to an outfit - look no further! I love using these with my hair in a low bun or even doing a bubble ponytail with these to 'decorate' the look. Velvet is especially wonderful in the fall and winter months, so cozy AND trendy. - it doesn't get much better than that!

Last, but most certainly not least are these textured cuties. Again, can absolutely be worn with something a little nicer for the workday or a night on the town, but also can be used to jazz up a sweatshirt look for the day - which let's be honest, is me pretty much every day. These give me glamorous corduroy vibes (don't judge me) and I think they're just stunning!

I think that scrunchies are super practical. They help keep your hair out of your face, they're comfortable to wear, and can be worn in endless different ways! Especially coming from someone who literally wears her hair up 90 percent of the time - the practicality piece is strong. Serving a purpose while serving looks - yes PLEASE!

You can find scrunchies in all different types of materials, colors and patterns. They're the perfect piece to add a little pizzazz into your everyday look without compromising comfort or style - they come in so many cute designs these days that it's hard not to feel like you need more than one- and trust me, I have A LOT more than one ;).

Not only are there tons of options for styles of scrunchies - but they truly deliver so many options for hairstyles as well. As you've already gotten to see in the photos above, the possibilities are endless! I mean check out these besties all rocking different scrunchies in different styles - talk about options!

They also make the best gifts for any fashion lover on your list - not only are they cute; but also affordable with prices starting as low as $8! Birthdays, holidays, or just a pick-me-up gift for a friend, scrunchies are a fun and affordable way to put a smile on someone's face! I have also given them to friends as they graduate, put them in stockings and stocking stuffers, and brought them to new moms when meeting their newborn! They truly are useful for all ages and all stages of life, which always makes them a safe bet to give as a gift.

I feel like I could write a novel about scrunchies and how much I love them - as you know by now if you made it this far ;) Check out all these gorgeous scrunchies here and tag me @kjandhairspray when you get yours!

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