Top 10 Hairstyle Tips for Brides from a Bridal Hair Specialist

Top 10 Hairstyle Tips for Brides from a Bridal Hair Specialist

As a bridal hair specialist, I've worked with over 400 brides since 2012 - so I know a thing or two about how to execute the perfect wedding day hair for the bride and the whole bridal party. I'll also address what I've seen to be my most answered questions from my sweet brides. There are so many elements to hairstyling on a regular day basis, so all of that is amplified on your big day - and I'm here to help you navigate all of those layers (pun intended ;)).

1. My MOST asked question is "should I have clean or dirty hair?"- and to be honest, it's kind of a loaded answer. My rule of thumb is this- if you generally wash your hair once a week- washing it the day before is ideal. If you are a daily or every other day kind of gal- absolutely wash your hair the day of. A little bit of grit is so good for styling- but there is FINE LINE between a little grit and heavy oil. If your hair is oily, your style will suffer. Thankfully, for those who do have to wash their hair the day of- we have so many texture products that can give you that "one day dirty" feel with ease. When in doubt- wash your hair the day of and we'll give it the texture we need with products for maximum results.

2. ALWAYS, ALWAYS DO A TRIAL. Believe it or not, I have a handful of brides every year who say they don't feel the need to do a trial. I often find myself explaining the importance of a practice run. It's SO helpful to know the texture, dimension, and length of a bride's hair before the big day to manage expectations for yourself but also to ensure that I know the ins and outs of your hairstyle for your big day. There are always things that I learn about a bride's hair in a trial that helps me to better serve them on their wedding day - and that bodes well for both of us!

3. Another big dilemma I see is from brides who can't decide if they should do their hair up or down - and like everything else, there are pros and cons to both. If your hair holds a curl well- down always looks gorgeous from all angles and can be a soft way to finish your glam.

If your hair tends to get stringy and flat- always go up or get extensions (they hold a curl SO well that it will give you the longevity you'll need for your big day)! That way you don't have to re-curl it or be worrying about it all day long.

If your hair is long- do a boho braid as a compromise. Braids are awesome because your hair is still down around your face, but it's all tied together enough to not have the hassle of it being all over the place. 

*I like to ask my brides if they have a Pinterest or mood board - and then we'll go through it together. This often gives me a better look into thier "vibe" to see what they gravitate towards, and from there I can help direct that with your hairstyle for your wedding day. (if they're willing to give me a sneak peak of the dress that always helps, too)*

4. For my thinner hair brides, ALWAYS get clip-ins. Clip-in extensions can add length or even just volume if you have them cut to the same length as your natural hair. Thinner hair often sticks you with fewer options and you may not get that nice full style without extensions- so my advice is to go for it! You won't regret full and voluminous hair on your big day. 

 5. Add an accessory of some sort to spice up your look. Whether you finish your hair with some greenery, fresh flowers (you can ask your florist for some extras and then have your stylist bobby pin them in), or some bling- I say why not! It's your one day to go big or go home- and how many other times will you get to accessorize your hairstyle with fresh flowers or sparkle? 

6. In regards to makeup - I recommend that the bride gets her makeup done before her hair for two reasons. The first reason is that generally a makeup artist has to clip back your bangs or face-framing to keep it from getting in your face- and if you've had your hair done already this can often leave clip marks or generally just mess with the volume of the front of your hairstyle. The bigger reason, though, is that most women have a hard time loving their hair without having make-up on. It's similar to when you get your hair colored at the salon with no makeup on- all you want to do is get home and spruce up your face to get a better feel for how you'll like your color. Seeing the complete look always helps!


7. Getting ready timelines can be stressful. My biggest piece of advice for your morning timeline is to give yourself a lot of buffer time. There is nothing worse than being rushed on your wedding day. I have also found that some brides forget to leave a chunk of time (between glam and getting in their dresses) to take photos in their robes or matching morning outfits. The more time you have, the less stressful you and your vendors will be and this will ensure a much smoother morning.


8. To my curly hair brides and bridesmaids- if you want a smoother style, blow dry your hair with a blow dryer brush or with a round brush and blow dryer with plenty of tension to smooth it out (or take the work out of it and get a blow out the day before). Most wedding timelines don't have the luxury of extra time to smooth out wave patterns and then style- so you may not be fully satisfied with the final product if you're expecting a 1.5-hour service in a 30-minute time slot. 


9. I always recommend leaving some hair out around the face to frame your hairstyle and give you some softness from the front. With that being said, getting a face frame from your hairstylist before your wedding will ensure that you have enough shorter pieces in front to hang down without being overwhelmingly long on your wedding day. If not, it certainly wouldn't be the first time we've had to snip a client's face-framing on the big day ;).


10. Believe it or not, hair color is super important for hairstyles. If you've ever been on Pinterest- the styles with dimension in their color always look more intricate and whimsical. Especially with a braid or a twist, having some highlights or low lights to weave through will really make it stand out and give your style the 'it' factor.

I hope these answered some of your questions - though, I feel like I need a part two, but these are the ten most crucial tips for brides on their wedding day from the mouth (or fingers) of a bridal hair specialist. that these tips make your glam time on your wedding morning a little bit smoother ;).

All of that being said, if you're looking for some bridal hair inspiration check out my work here and connect with me on Instagram @kjandhairspray.

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