Top 5 Tips for Wedding Day Makeup (from a Makeup Artist)

Top 5 Tips for Wedding Day Makeup 

Jen Schepers of JGS beauty co (a Grand Rapids, MI based makeup artist) shares her top 5 best tips for wedding day makeup! You don't want to miss this:
Wedding makeup is intimidating. Let’s just get that right from the start. From the time that we are kids we are told that our wedding is the biggest day of our lives and that we will look at the photos for years to come. Makeup intimidates a lot of women on a day to day basis, so add in the pressure of a wedding and you have something that most brides just avoid talking or thinking about until it is a hulking monster in the corner that is impossible to ignore. That’s why I’m here to break down some simple ways to not only slay the intimidating makeup beast, but also your wedding day look.
  1. Do a makeup trial. Similar to Kelli’s explanation of why a hair trial is so important, a makeup trial is vital. It allows you to make sure that you like your look before wedding day. Trials also allow your artist to work faster on the day of the wedding, because they already know what they are doing. It also takes away the day of choices like lip color or fake lashes, which seem small, but on a busy and emotional day, it’s the last thing that you want to think about. It’s also great to do a trial because it allows you to work out any issues and see what you wish was different. I tell my brides to take lots of selfies, ask for trusted opinions, and keep a note in their phone of what they want to change for the final look.
  2. Get a luxury, long wear foundation. Not all foundation is created equal, and if you are looking for something that is made to last through crying, dancing, hugging, and smiling for several hours straight, you’re going to need something more than your day to day. But! Tell your budget to fear not! Sephora and Sephora Inside JCPenney are here to help. Either of these places give out free samples of any of their foundations, no purchase required. You can get a little sample for one or two uses, which is perfect for your wedding day. I recommend trying Makeup Forever Ultra HD, Too Faced Born This Way, Tarte Amazonian Clay, or It Cosmetics CC Cream. What you get depends on your skin type and what kind of finish you’re looking for so ask for help from Sephora staff, or your artist when you do your trial.
  3. Be honest with your makeup artist. If you love a bold brow and your artist is doing a natural look or if you hate mascara on your bottom lashes and they just put it on, it’s time to speak up. Your makeup artist is there to help make you feel the most beautiful you’ve ever felt and they want you to love your look. The saddest thing to me is when someone talks about how they hate their wedding photos because they don’t look like themselves or they wanted more or less makeup. If something isn’t working for you it’s more than okay to let the artist know. It’s always better to fix the issue right away than when everything is done.
  4. Go for a more classic look. Remember how Kate Middleton married Prince William and looked like an actual angel and she was like “I did my own makeup because I wanted to look like me.” Well, a good makeup artist can make you look like you, but elevated. While a full beat can be fun, if you are a mascara and chapstick kind of gal, chances are, you’re not going to love that look in the future when you look back. You want your wedding makeup to be your best skin, best lashes, best lips, but still be yours. Play up your natural features and steer away from trends.
  5. Take great care of your skin leading up to the wedding. This means using lots of sunscreen if you’re outside or tanning, not trying out any trendy masks (looking at you, Mr. Homemade Charcoal Peel-Off Mask), and drinking all the water you can get your hands on. Wedding stress will make you more susceptible to pimples and such, so flushing your system with water is a must. You also don’t want to do any sort of clay or detox mask for at least a week before the wedding. These are meant to bring any debris in the pores to the surface, which is not what we want. Also, covering sunburn and peeling skin is tricky even with good foundation and no tan is worth looking scaly or splotchy.
Hopefully these tips will help you in the quest for luscious lashes, glowing skin, and a perfect pout. Overall, remember that the day is about you and your love, and the rest is all just extra. But also, who doesn’t love to be a little extra?
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